May 04, 2010


Dear dudenesses,

Nobody will say up front "I'm dumb". Nobody will ever recognize they are dumb,even though we all know (or by this time you should've already seen) there are thousands out there.I've met many,in all walks of life,really.I've been one actually.In fact...I AM one.Yes,I am dumb.Believe it or not,those who don't like you think you are dumb.I know there are some people who don't like me,and I'm sure they have a blast (=to have a good time) criticizing me or calling me dumb.
Mike Tyson once said: "Everybody thinks they're more intelligent than me...until I punch them in the face". To a certain degree I agree with him,please don't understand this as an apology of violence,I will always condemn firmly all kinds of violence and even violent sports...wink,wink.My point is,I think I'm not dumber than anyone around me,nor am I smarter than them,of course.I'm just the way I am,which,believe me,is something hard to do.Far too many people will show you a face,many times something similar to a character from a TV series...sad but true.Whenever I meet one of these actors....D'you know what I think???

"I'm no dumber than you,partner!!!"


Samuel Rodríguez said...

i don't think that you are dumb sir i don't know where and i don't know why you wrote it

Mister Tight said...

We're all dumb in the eyes of certain people,buddy.Like it or not,we can't please everybody all the time,that's why I wrote it!!!Thanks for visiting!!!!

Pablo (Mates) said...

I wouldn't say you're dumb. You're quite crazy (well, not quite but a lot :D ), but never dumb.

Mister Tight said...

Thanks for visiting,Pablo (as always,buddy).My point is...that...those who don't like us tend to believe we're dumb.Not always,but in most of the cases they do!!!You don't usually hear something like:
"Wow,he's really intelligent,even though we don't talk to each other", right???