January 29, 2010


Last Tuesday you gave me the lyrics of your favourite songs in English language.Today I show you my favourite song in Spanish language.One of the most inspiring and awesome tunes I've ever heard. ENJOY

January 27, 2010


"bleeding underworld" (private collection)

It's hard to analyze the beauty of this fine piece of modern art.Its indisputable artistic quality and the cromatic combination make it one of the milestones of modern art. Analyze this.

January 26, 2010


Hi,guys.This is the third episode of the 'learn things' section.In the previous episode,Mr.López,from 2Bach B hit the nail on the spot and got the right answer.The video showed JFK's assassination and the boy was JFK's son,the late John John Kennedy, saluting his father's coffin.Today you'll be able to see one of the great leaders of the civil rights movement in the Unites States of America, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, delivering his most famous speech.I included the English subtitles for you to better understand it all. This speech is History,folks.I wish half his speech had come true today...Enjoy.

January 25, 2010


Dear all,

As for today,January 25th,I declare my new coffee table assembled.It all dates back to some two years ago.On a day like today,2008,I thought it would be a good idea to build a coffee table out of construction pallets.About two months ago I went to a factory to look for two identical pallets,which I found easily.The pallets were all soaked since it had been raining.I let them dry off at home.First I polished them,painted them,bought the four wheels that'll make the table move and drilled the holes for the wheels,etc...

The final outcome is about to come out,I promise to publish a photograph when it's totally done,I still have to buy a glass panel that'll be on top of the table,but today I can say it's all over.It's taken me hours,hard work,patience,etc...I'm one of the clumsiest persons I've ever met,I'm really bad at DIY (Do It Yourself=Bricolaje),but with a little willpower (=fuerza de voluntad) everything turns into a piece of cake (=pan comido).

January 20, 2010


Dear all,
I'm slightly upset today about the incident that happened to me yesterday afternoon in one of our dearest and most appreciated department stores.I can't say its name openly,let's just call it "fecalthlon",since the real name rhymes with that word.It all dates back to Monday afternoon,when I went to this fine venue to purchase a couple of things,a black hoodie among others.Yesterday afternoon I had to go back to the premises to return one item I had bought the previous day,and I was wearing my brand new black hoodie.I was about to exit when the alarm went off.They "invited" me to access a small somewhat dirty room where they asked me to take my jacket off.The hoodie was to blame for the turmoil.They asked me if I could show them the receipt,but I didn't have it,since I had bought the hoodie separately from the item I had returned.I told the security guard to check my affinity card,where there should be a record of the purchase.Unfortunately,the girl at the check out hadn't slipped the card,so there was no evidence.They wanted to call the police,but I told them to keep the goddamn hoodie and I left.As I arrived home,I looked for the ticket inside the trash bin,and I found it.I went back to the store and asked politely to talk to the manager.The situation was much more troublesome than I'm telling you now,and there might have been someone humilliating me and there might have been some me yelling at the manager once it was all clear but...it could've turned out badly for me.When I arrived back home with my hoodie,I played Nirvana's 'smells like teen spirits' and shouted my lungs out.

January 19, 2010


My students from 2º BB were angry last monday.They arrived late (as usual) and didn't apologize.I almost had to apologize for asking why they never felt like arriving on time.Good heavens...misters...mistresses...what and where on EARTH D'YOU THINK YOU AREEEEEE!!!!!!!If you didn't feel like comin' to class,well DOOON'T. I FELT LIKE I WAS TALKING TO THE WAAAAAALLLLLLSSSSSS.RIGHT,I'M YOUR TUTOR,AND I'M SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH YOUR PERSONAL ISSUES.I'M ACTUALLY WILLING TO,BUT IF YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT'S GOOIINNGG ON I CAN'T HEEEELPP YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

January 12, 2010


Dear all,

Yesterday I took my first boxing lesson ever. It was tough...really tough. It lasted only an hour,but it felt like some three or four hours.I wasn't able to do as many push-ups(=fondos) as my instructor told me to do.I stood in front of a mirror practising the basic moves,and believe it or not my shoulders are all stiff and numb today, I could barely raise my arms to apply the shampoo on my hair yesterday evening!!!!The bottom line is that the guys who have been doing it for a year or two years were able to punch the balloon or whatever they call it, but it was my first day,and all I could do was stand in front of the mirror. That's exactly what you should do with the English Language: master the basic moves before you move on to more complex structures.Be humble and don't take anything for granted.That's the only way to become an all-time boxer in the english language!!!!

January 07, 2010


This is the second episode of the "learn things" section.The first one was a disgrace, crash n' burn,no one was even close.Let's see if you learn something today,guys. Today I send you a link to one of this moments in History everybody should be able to recognize. I want to know the names of each of the passengers in the car,the day and the city where this video took place. C'mon, guys, this one is VERY EASY!!!! . By the way,I also want to know what the name of the kid in the picture is, who he is and who he is saluting. Oh!!!I almost forgot...happy new year.