May 18, 2010


As chance would have it (=por obra del azar) I ran into(=me encontré con) an old friend last Sunday afternoon.We went to university together,yet we weren't really close.We decided to go for a coffee.She started to tell me about her whereabouts (=sus idas y venidas) in English academies.She then asked me what I was doing. When I said I was working in a state school (=colegio público) she looked at me as if I were an alien.

-"Seriously??? -she asked-I mean,don't you have problems with the students???Isn't it dangerous???"

-"Not really,-I replied-in over three years I haven't had to repair car scratches(=arañazos de coche),or slashed tyres(=ruedas pinchadas)" (That's because I walk to school, I thought).

-"Wow, Mr.Tight,you must really have some patience!!!" ("yes,with you!!!"- I thought)

At this point I got really mad,because I've heard that crap far too many times:

-"Look,mammal!!(=mamífero), I love my job and I truly think it's a joke that I even get paid to do what I love to do,if you don't like state schools,good,don't apply for the job,but stoooop iiit!!!!!!!!DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!(=TE AGUAAANTAAASSS!!!!)

I know I shouldn't have called her "mammal", but she made me lost my temper,I'm sorry.

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Pablo (Mates) said...

I totally agree with you (even with this word).