May 11, 2010


I don't like megadinners (to me more than 6 people is already a megadinner) because people talk.Silence is underrated(=infravalorado).Weird people say weird things and normal people....well,normal people say weird things too.It's not easy to be a social being,and being social isn't one of the things I'm best at, if you know what I mean. I usually drive everywhere,so I don't usually drink at these events.If you are sober(=sobrio) and the person you're talking to is kinda tipsy (=chispilla), whatever he/she says won't make much sense,they will hug you and say how much they love you,and really, I don't like to be hugged by strangers.So...I don't really know how to say this without being disrespectful....uhhhh....the less our dinner resembles the photograph above,the better.


Cecilia said...

jajaja! i love the photo! I hope nobody ends like that!
I´m totally agree with you!! But it would be dinner if you were not there teacher! :)

Pablo (Mates) said...

So, you're not coming to our end-of-lessons dinner, aren't you?

Mister Tight said...

Cecilia:I love the pic too!!!By the way: I AGREE!!! don't use 'to be' with that verb!!! "I am agree" :-(

Pablo:uhh..I don't know,dude,as I said,I ain't too keen on superdinners.